... documentation for two dozen maps and environments), to concept art, UI design (menus and other interactions), voice-acting, texturing, in-game music etc.


Antharra Collectible Card Game: Turn-based collectible card 2-4 player game with strategy/tactical map. 52 races in 10 systems and 7 Inner-Dimmensions fight for supremacy. I’ve developed comprehensive documentation on the game universe’s history, politics, customs, lore, sports, government, etc. Supplement Dark Day deals with the stories of 5 individuals through each of the five Great Time Periods of Antharra. Read more >>


Buda Davidovic, Advanced Technical School - Obrenovac, Polytechnic Design Faculty ( in progress ) - Belgrade


Game Theory and Design – 2007 - Belgrade


Illustrations,Design and Concept Art: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5
3D: Autodesk 3ds Max (2009)
Video: Adobe AfterEffects CS5
Music: Reason 5, Steinberg CuBase, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar.
Game Design: Valve Hammer Editor, Warcraft World Editor, UnrealEd, SandBox2, Perun, CODRadiant
Web Design: Adobe Dreamweaver , Adobe Flash


World Cyber Games 2007: I was a member of the Judges Panel for the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne and Counter Strike competitions.

CounterStrike Maps: cs_comtrade, presented on World Cyber Games 2006, Belgrade, powered by Comtrade, Intel and ATI. De_ckabeh, a variety of de_comtrade, currently on CS game servers as well as other various maps.

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