Plot: Satellites had picked up alien signal from remote island in Atlantic Ocean. High-energy emissions are sent into atmosphere and made significant damage to it. Our fiercest soldiers are on mission to inflitrate on a island and investigate the situation. Details are sketchy, because of the heavy fog that covers the island, satellites couldn't pick up the images that can be useful to us. All that is known is that alien technology is used by Koreans, and that alone is enough for US military, enemy must not use alien technology. Sneak attack was crafted, and team of best Suits went to Lumian Island. Unfortunately, plan is discovered by our enemy, and plan B is commanded. Team must finish the mission, at all costs.

Player needs to get information about Korean activities on the island.

Features: First Person Shooter, Single Player Mission, CryEngine 2 - Work In Progress

Audio: Intro Composition - Adam Isailovic


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