Plot: The Damned are emerging throughout the world of Skah'Ven, threating it's inhabitants. Evil forces overhelmed the Humans and Elves, taking most of their natural resources, and scatter the Skah'Ven Kingdom Forces. High Council of Eight Gods of Seventh took their actions in order to help the Living Realm against their oldest and most fearsome brother-God. Two brave demi-Gods are chosen to stop the plague that covered the kingdom of Skah'Ven.

Players need to defend the last resort of humans and elves, defeat the Damned forces and finish off the Ultimate Evil One. Players must work together in order to survive puzzles and traps through the levels.

Features: 2 Player CO-OP Role Play Game, Puzzles, Mazes, Riddles, 4 level designs - Human forest, Elven lands, Fiery Mountains, Dungeons - Work In Progress


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